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Formed from the halls of Hofstra University in 2015, HOAX is a 5-piece indie alternative soul band hailing from New York. Obsessed with Maj7 guitar chords, vintage bass, and soulful vocals, HOAX found a unique sound around introspective lyrics. Comparisons have been made to other great alternative rockers such as Kings of Leon, Young the Giant, and Arctic Monkeys, but HOAX likes to experiment with elements of pop, R&B, and hip-hop and layer this under alternative and indie-soul roots. The band’s sound is as eclectic as its members but was best summarized by a friend who described their music as “the sound of beautiful sadness.”


HOAX first broke through in 2016 with the growing popularity of their self-released debut single “Beach House”, which was followed by an immersive nine chapter short story on and featured on BuzzFeed’s “28 Brilliant Songs You Need In Your Playlist”. The band would go on to release their singles “Indian Summer” and “Pretty” months after, receiving the attention of notable tastemakers, such as Alternative Press and Indiemono. The release of The Truth and Other Lies and words that end with wh(y) EPs in 2017 were similarly met with astonishing success, garnering features from OldMan Ebro’s Beats 1 Radio show, Spotify’s Indie Songs For Slackers and Alternative R&B playlists, Guys We F****d podcast, and countless college radio stations.

With a mix of Indian, Puerto Rican, Haitian, Ecuadorian, Irish, and Italian blood all in one group, the hyperdiverse band has become renown for their trendy and fashionable style, tenacious DIY mentality, and their strong sensibility for humanity. HOAX’s approach in songwriting perpetually explores intricate yet convoluted themes from empathy to racism in America to the afterlife and seeks to promote meaning through their music. As Ones To Watch puts it, ”The five-piece collective [...] aren’t concerned with trifling matters of life. They’re absorbed by the concepts that warrant deep contemplation and that hold the highest degree of merit.”